The Black Chalice

Book one is HEEEEEEEEEERRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It feels like it’s been forever since I started writing this series – I typically like to finish writing every single book, or at least a rough draft of each one, before I start releasing anything. That way I know the whole series will be cohesive and all my loose ends will be tied up.

And you know I’m not going to leave you hanging with an unfinished series!

Revelations has been a labor of love for me. Inspired by my all-time favorite book, Good Omens, and mashed together with my first-love genre of Paranormal Romance, it’s already raised a few eyebrows. Here’s what some early reviews are saying:

I loved this innovative fantasy novel, to the point where I was late for work, bed, and everything else I needed to do because I was desperately trying to read just a little bit more. The book was set in the highly exclusive world of the Revelations resort in Australia, and concerned the feisty (possibly cursed) heroine Eve and her reaction to one of the newest guests at the resort. I read a lot of paranormal romance and I’d never read anything quite like this. The book was an intriguing mixture of biblical facts and speculation – a bit like a more light-hearted and funnier Dan Brown! Definitely looking forward to reading the next in the series.

Whoever wrote this review, I love you. I will have the words A BIT LKE A MORE LIGHT-HEARTED AND FUNNIER DAN BROWN written on my gravestone.

Do you want a free copy? Hey, you got to the end of this blog, so you deserve it. Just email me and I’ll send you the e-format of choice. Leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, and I will love you forever.


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