Reading Order

Four series, lots of books… where to start?

All my series are designed so you can enter the universe from the first book in any series. You can read in any order you want. You’re the boss here. Go crazy.

BUT… if you’re new to me, and you want to read in a way that makes the most sense possible, here’s the optimal reading order:

The Imogen Gray Series


Immortal Games

Immortal World

Immortal Life

Immortal Death

Foils & Fury Series

Oops I Ate A Vengeance Demon

Dancing With My Vengeance Demon

Dating With A Vengeance Demon

Dying For My Vengeance Demon

Blood & Magic Series

Bad Bones

Bare Bones

Broke Bones

Blood & Bones

Burned Bones

Bitter Bones

The Waif in the Wilds Series

Vicious Creatures

Fractured Gods

Ravenous Beasts

Savage Daemons

Immortal box set graphic