Revelations: The Beginning of the End

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Revelations: The Beginning of the End Cover

“I’m just an ordinary girl. Why do people keep trying to kill me?”

Eve Horne is a cursed woman. She’s certain of it, since her teenage years were ripped apart by a series of random and bloody attacks. She knows she’s cursed – she must be. Because every time Eve gets close to someone, they try and kill her.

She just doesn’t know why.

But Eve’s not going to take any more chances. She’s not going to let anyone get close to her ever again.

So when an arrogant young businessman decides to test her boundaries, she’s terrified, and desperate to stay away from him.

What Eve can’t see is what lurks on the edges of her reality. They’re all around her.

A slimy, vicious Demon, hell-bent on destroying the earth. A sanctimonious Angel, driven mad by his own self-righteousness. And a powerful Guardian – a former Viking Warrior – who will do anything to protect her.

The Beginning of the End is the prequel novella to the soon-to-be-released series Revelations.