Dancing With The Vengeance Demon

Having just escaped the clutches of her manipulative and abusive husband, Sandy’s finally settling into her new life in D.C. She’s got the perfect job, perfect friends, and the perfect home. Oh, and a perfectly bloodthirsty vengeance demon sharing her body, but Sandy’s doing an amazing job in keeping that little secret to herself.

But it’s going to be a secret she’ll struggle to keep.

A dark force is rising in Washington D.C. – a shadowy figure his followers call Lord Seth. Rogue vampires, evil magic-users and disenfranchised shifters are flocking to him, lured by his promises of power and justice, stoked by their violent misogyny. They call themselves the Blood Kings.

When Prue’s niece’s best friend is discovered comatose, unable to be woken after a wild sorority party, Sandy is determined to figure out what happened to her. Another victim surfaces, then another, and the brutally hot Detective Conrad Sinclair reluctantly asks for her help to figure out what is happening to these girls, and why they can’t be woken.

They’re going undercover, hitting the party scene of Georgetown, to gather information and find out who is drugging these girls. Sinclair is a little nervous about putting Sandy in danger.

Sandy is nervous that she’ll eat someone’s liver.

Can she keep Mavka a secret? Or will Sinclair find out, and feel honour-bound as the Enforcer to destroy her?

Dancing with the Vengeance Demon is Book Two in Foils and Fury, a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy series.

Content note for gore, violence, mentions of SA and drink spiking, occasional foul language.