Vicious Creatures

Vicious Creatures cover

I’ve been asleep for the past ten years.

The horror of waking up from the best dream ever and remembering you’re a monster is indescribable. My soul is screaming for mercy, for forgiveness, for redemption… but I know I’ll never get it. I’m going to Hell for everything I’ve done.

The only thing I can do now is take as many monsters with me as I can.

My list is almost complete. There’s one more name to go, and it’s the hardest job I’ve ever done.

I’m on my way to Castlemaine — a bizarre little town hidden in between Wildwood Canyon and the Badlands of California.

Strange things lurk in Castlemaine. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of the United States — a place of weird old magic, odd people, and vicious creatures like me. Nobody ever wants to go there, because they might not ever come back. But I’ve got no choice.

I’m going to take out the man who taught me to kill.

Vicious Creatures is book one in The Waif in the Wilds, a hot new Urban Fantasy series by bestselling author Lauretta Hignett.