Immortal Games: The Imogen Gray Series Book Two

Immortality sucks.

Just ask Imogen Gray: Over two-hundred thousand years old and teetering on the edge of total insanity. Strong as a shifter, faster than a vampire, Imogen’s walked the earth forever, always alone, never growing, never changing.

Never learning, either. Her smart mouth and quick temper get her into trouble far too often.

When that happens, she gets hurt. Sometimes, very badly, and it can take a long, painful time to heal from severed limbs and disembowelment.

She’s tired of it all. So tired.

Imogen’s on a mission to find the next reincarnation of her father, the only person in the world who knows how to complete the transition to human, and get rid of the curse of immortality.

He must know, because he did it himself. He wasn’t human when she was born – he was something else. But he died a human, and he keeps coming back to experience human life, again and again.

He’s here in Emerald Valley, somewhere, hiding amongst the eccentric locals, or hobnobbing with the billionaires that visit the Vampire King’s country club up on the western ridge. She just has to find him.

But when her delinquent teenage ward accidentally summons a powerful Fae Prince through the portal, suddenly, finding her dad has to take a backseat. There’s a homicidal maniac on the loose, one who has his eyes on the Vampire King.

Her Vampire King.

Worse than the burning jealousy is the fact that the Fae Prince seems to know exactly what she is.

Immortal Games is Book Two in the fast, fierce and fast-paced Urban Fantasy series. A slow-burn romance, it includes a diverse cast of characters, shifters, witches, fae, cryptids and more.

Occasional coarse language, sexual references and drug references. No explicit sex scenes. Content note for suicidal thoughts.