Bare Bones

A powerful supernatural mob boss is terrorising my neighborhood, demanding protection money from store owners and breaking legs when it’s not paid. His little gang member minions are all humans, and one of them just showed up at my new business insisting I pay him my monthly ‘insurance premium’, or face the boss himself. Funnily enough, this arrogant little underling has no idea what his employer is.

Neither do I. He’s a complete mystery, and he’s been operating right under our noses for years.

Every supe store owner has been paying up and, bizarrely enough, keeping quiet about it, which makes me very, very nervous.

As Enforcer, it’s my job to find out who this mob boss is, what he is, and take him down.

But to do that, first I have to face the man who completely destroyed my reputation and ripped my little teenage heart to shreds.

As if the mysterious supernatural mob boss wasn’t scary enough, nooo, I’ve got to face the reason why I’m so goddamn angry all the time.

Bare Bones is book two in the Blood and Magic, a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy series.