I’ve got a surprise…

The search for the best YA cover ever

Hello, Alternuts!  I’ve got some news. I’m doing a REBRAND!

I’ve known for a while that my covers aren’t want I want them to be.  They just don’t represent exactly what The Mouse is about.  Sure, it’s nice having a gorgeous girl on the cover – a girl who I thought looked like what I imagined Sunny to be.  Young, innocent, and beautiful.  But, she’s also vibrant, powerful and inherently good, and I wanted new covers that represented how much of a rollercoaster adventure the story was.

And I got it!  The best YA cover ever!

Thanks to cover designer extraordinaire, Covers By Christian, I’ve got exactly what I’ve always wanted.  It’s exciting, bright, beautiful and represents the book perfectly.   Christian is currently working on the covers for the other three books in the series, and once they’re done, I’m doing a huge rebrand before the launch of the last book in the series.


So here’s a sneak peek of The Mouse cover:

Best YA Cover


What do you think?  Do you LOVE it?  I can’t stop looking at it, I’m obsessed.  I can’t WAIT to see what Christian does with the next three books!

In other news, I’ve just finished the first draft of Black Fog, the last book in The Mouse Series.  I can’t say that I was sad finally typing the words “THE END” at the last chapter.  Sunny’s story is done, and I’m itching to get on with writing my next book.  The characters have been marinating in my head for long enough, and I’m dying to get them down on paper.

But I can promise you, the ending of The Mouse Series is exactly what you would want it to be.

So stay tuned, Alternuts!

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