A Spooky Little Freebie!

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve got a spooky little surprise for you! The prequel novella to my bestselling Imogen Gray series is finally ready to roll. You can download it for FREE by subscribing to my newsletter HERE.

Immortality sucks.

Just ask Imogen Gray: Over two-hundred thousand years old and teetering on the edge of total insanity. Strong as a shifter, faster than a vampire, Imogen’s walked the earth forever, always alone, never growing, never changing.

Never learning, either. Her smart mouth and quick temper get her into trouble far too often.

And when trouble comes, she gets hurt. Sometimes very badly, and it can take a long, painful time to heal from severed limbs and disembowelment.

She’s tired of it all. So tired.

But she’s got a plan. Imogen’s on a mission to find the next reincarnation of her father, the only person in the world who knows what she is; the only man who can help get rid of the curse of immortality.

She’s got to find him first. For that, she needs to perform a powerful scrying spell, and for that she needs a blood witch.

Imogen is going undercover at an animal shelter to try and flush out one of these bloodthirsty maniacs. But it’s not exactly going to plan, thanks to a blind date with a goblin, a vampire stuck in the late nineties, and one pesky ghost…

Immortal Ghost is the prequel novella to the bestselling Imogen Gray Series, a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy. Content note for foul language, minor violence, suicidal ideation, and references to animal abuse and sexual assault (no explicit scenes at all.)

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