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Immortal cover book one

Immortality sucks. Just ask me.

My name is Imogen Gray, and I’m immortal.

Not immortal like a vampire, or like the Fae.  They’re frauds, the lot of them. Cut off their heads and pull out their hearts, and they’re toast, just like anyone else.  Even the most powerful witches will die at the end of a pointy sword if you manage to stick one in them.

I can’t die.

You’d think that being truely immortal might be fun, but it’s absolute, never-ending torture.

I’m strong and fast, but if I take on more than I can handle, I’ll get hurt.  And no matter how serious my injuries are, I’ll regenerate back to normal.

Every. Single. Time.

I’m all alone in the world, teetering on the edge of total insanity, with a stubbornly average brain, and zero social skills to speak of.

So, I’m on a mission to find the next reincarnation of my father – the only creature in the history of humanity that might be able to tell me what I am, and how to put an end to my immortality.

I’ve blackmailed a Blood Witch to help pinpoint my father’s exact location and I’m reluctantly on the way to a little town called Emerald Valley to find him.

Reluctantly, because there’s a Dip in Emerald Valley right now – a thin spot between Worlds, a moving portal, of sorts. I try to stay away from the Dip as much as possible. Bad things can come through the Dip.

To make things worse, the witch let slip that her master, the Bloodlord, is in Emerald Valley, too. He’s  gearing up to use the Dip on the next full moon eclipse to open a path to the Tashk – the never-ending library of dark knowledge that resides outside our dimension.  If the Bloodlord can open the path to the Tashk, he could bathe in unlimited dark magic, and become a god.

Try as I might, I can’t ignore it.  Believe me, I tried.

I tried even harder to ignore it when I found out that the the North American Vampire King – Rafael Stefano Di Stasio – has built a country club in Emerald Valley. He’s far too scary to contemplate, so I need to stay off his radar.

There’s only a week until the eclipse. The Bloodlord is somewhere in town, masquerading as a local man, gathering up unsuspecting innocent followers to sacrifice for his ritual.

I have to figure out who he is, and stop him before it’s too late.

And before I lose my marbles for good.

Immortal is book one in the Imogen Gray Series – a fun, fierce, fast-paced Urban Fantasy.  Includes diverse characters, vampires, witches, shifters, mythical creatures and cute cryptids.

Very occasional foul language and sexual references.  No explicit sex scenes.

Content note for suicidal thoughts.

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