Book four is coming, I promise!

Sorry, guys! I know I said Immortal Life – book number four in the Imogen Gray series – would be out by June 30, but, despite careful planning and preparation, life has gone and torn me a new one.

COVID kicked my ass, then it kicked my kid’s asses, which I could normally handle, because I usually juggle things better than Cirque du Solei.

But then, book four, which was meant to be the last in the series, decided to… NOT be the last in the series. There’s far more of this story to tell than I realized.

It’s thrown me out a little, and it’s annoyed the absolute crap out of my editors. I’ve had to do a quick reorder of the series and I needed to commission a new cover ASAP. But it’s almost ready to go!

The new release date will be July 20, and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s up for preorder. To make it up to you, I’ll do the preorder at sale price.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate you so much xxx

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